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Zambon Company S.p.A.


The Zambon Group is a modern health care company, founded on the history and values of an Italian family, with ambitious plans for growth.

Zambon wanted to carry out an ambitious 6’000 square meters extension project for a new production site in Vicenza, called “”Marco Polo””, where to install the new filling lines, microbiology laboratories and warehouses for the production of the group’s flagship drugs.
The context therefore required a very high level of preparation in many expertise and specialization areas: management of the authorization process and GMP requirements, design and implementation of structural engineering, traditional plant engineering, pharmaceutical engineering and construction safety engineering.

The client found Planex a company with expertise in pharmaceutical engineering that was flexible and fast in responding to requirements’ variability and that, as the sole referent, was responsible for the entire engineering processes management.

Thanks to Planex’s work the client successfully finalized his investment project respecting the budget and limiting the consequences of the inevitable delay caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Finally the client obtained a performing productive site delivered perfectly functioning, respecting the deadlines without including significant extra costs. The architecture, the structure and HVAC’s system were managed with BIM modeling system, providing the basis for future plant management and maintenance, while the site’s progress was controlled with an innovative web sharing platform.