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Italfarmaco SpA is a private Italian multinational company located in Milan, operating in Italy and abroad in both the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries through its controlled and/or participated companies. Italfarmaco was establish in 1938.
The Group has modern and sophisticated industrial plants where it performs the manufacturing of medicinal specialties according to the highest quality standard. The first plant, for the manufacturing of preparations for injection and solid oral products, is located in Milan.

The plant in Viale Fulvio Testi, with its production of low molecular weight heparin, is strategic for the fight against COVID 19 and Italfarmaco has planned its reconfiguration and expansion in this perspective.

It was required an engineering company with high Lifescience expertise and able to manage complex multidisciplinary projects for which Business Continuity is one of the fundamental aspects. Planex has proved to be an ideal candidate because it is recognized in the sector for its competence, flexibility and speed of response in conjunction with the ability to coordinate all project’s stake holders.

The customer has been able to evaluate different plant configuration scenarios on the basis of which set its industrial policy for the next 20 years.