Research never stops

Aptuit Evotec


Established in 2004, Aptuit operated as a privately owned pharmaceutical services provider for thirteen years until it became an Evotec company in August 2017.
As a member company of Evotec, Aptuit offers a complete set of integrated drug development solutions by applying scientific excellence, outstanding service and a team of some of the foremost scientific professionals in the industry.

The original research center of the company in Verona is a building dating back to the 80s which required important functional revamping and a performance enhancement. Key points of the building were the refrigeration power plant and the air handling units serving the laboratories’ block. The challenge was to soddisfy and manage a 10 MW cooling capacity and a treated air supply demand of over 800 thousand m3/h. Although the renewal of the AHUs and expansion of the cooling capacity were necessary, considering also the limited space available, it remained mandatory to ensure the business continuity.

Planex was chosen for its high expertise in the field of plant engineering (large power and capacity plants) and for its knowledge in all Lifescience aspects such as environmental contamination or business continuity.

The client has benefited from the efficient renewal of AHUs and from the expansion of the cooling capacity of the entire production plant while maintaing the business continuity.