Engineering and empathy: value means understanding you

We offer tailor made solutions responding to your specific challenges in Life Science projects

We are proudly Italian engineering firm with a short and quick decision chain

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Your pains

You: have to face your Board of Directors’ challenges
You: have to manage your GMP facility’s engineering department

Our solutions

We: the tools to enable you to do the best job possible
We: are your greatest allies, giving you the tools that mean you won’t end up as the scapegoat

What challenges do you face?

Email:  –  Phone: +39 045 830 3193

If you would like to know how we address these requirements

I’ll show you how we can work together to build up the solutions you need, as we did for
Italfarmaco S.p.A., delivering several scenarios for their Site Master Plan Feasibility Study;
also for Evotec Aptuit, in working together to improve their laboratories, and for many others.

Avoid to be the scapegoat

You are in a very dangerous position: if something goes wrong, your phone jumps up from your desk and you find yourself in a minefield with bombs exploding underneath you and above you.

Meanwhile, you must manage your company’s development projects and their related stakeholders, from the Production Manager to the QA and Validation Managers to the Maintenance Manager… not to mention the Contractors…

Would you like to find out how we support our clients’ engineering departments?

Email:  –  Phone: +39 045 830 3193

I will show you our way of Project Management and Design Services as we did for Zambon S.p.A., delivering PM, Design and Construction Management for their 6.000 m2 M.Polo Project, or for APTUIT EVOTEC in delivering them the solution for how to improve Refrigeration Power Capacity of their 12MW refrigeration station, without interrupting operations.

Our fields of expertise



Our Value

We neither sponsor nor are sponsored by any other companies, but I think it is worth you knowing which companies we trust (as well as those we do not). We can share our positive and negative experiences of the many contractors and suppliers we have come across during our 30-year history, to help you towards a successful conclusion of your projects.

Who we are

We are a specialized Business Unit of the Planex engineering group.

We are engineering experts for the pharmaceutical industry. We offer our services as general engineering contractors with multi-disciplinary skills in the plant engineering field, from clean utilities and clean rooms to black utilities and structures.

We have long experience in project management. We track the WBS and project milestones with the relative follow-up, respectful of any agreed time deadlines.

We also represent a concrete support resource for the technical and procurement offices, keeping the entire supply chain under observation, from the ordering of materials right up to the IQ / OQ construction phases and commissioning.

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